Popular Soccer Bet Types You Can Place

Soccer betting is the most popular sport for online sports betting Singapore, although most people haven’t yet demonstrated the same passion or participation.

An increasing number of curious sports bettors wonder how to wager on soccer. This simple instruction can help those who are unfamiliar with the game when placing wagers on the soccer field or pitch.

Three-Way Moneyline Bet

The straight-up wager is the most popular bet soccer Singapore. You must decide which team will ultimately prevail. Although in soccer, a tie is always a possibility, you can bet that neither team will triumph. This is why the wager is known as a three-way moneyline or just a 1X2 wage.

Unless otherwise noted, the outcome is typically viewed as a draw if there is additional time or penalties.

Double Chance

The form of wager with the lowest risk is frequently thought to be the double chance. Basically, you get to choose two of the three possible outcomes. A 1X bet, for instance, indicates that you are betting on a home win or a tie, and the only way you can lose is if the opposing team prevails. Additionally, you can wager X2 or 12. Most of the time, your payout won’t be particularly high, and many seasoned gamblers steer clear of double chance wagers.

Draw No Bet

In this condensed form of the three-way moneyline, you can only select one team to win the match; choosing a draw is not an option. The wager is regarded as a push if the score is a tie, and you will get your money back.

Half-time/Full-time Bet

You must foretell the outcome at both halftime and the game’s end. An X-1 wager, for example, predicts a tie in the first half and a victory for the home team in the second. There are also the following combinations: 2-1, 1-1, 1-2, 1-X, X-X, X-1, X-2, 2-2, and 2-X. These are challenging to execute, especially if you plan to place a parlay wager.

Under/Over Bets

The number of goals, yellow and red cards, corners, free kicks, outs, goal-outs, and other statistics can all be counted in soccer. You can occasionally place an over/under bet on a proposed figure on sports betting websites.

Take goals, for instance. For a specific game, a sportsbook will set the number of goals at 2.5; if you predict three or more goals, you will place an overbet. However, you should place an underbet if you believe there will be fewer than three goals.


Teams to Score

You can attempt to predict if both sides will score goals by selecting the BTTS (both teams to score) option. Even if you don’t believe any of the teams will score, you can still put a wager like this. Finally, you can place a wager on whether or not only the home or away team will score a goal.

Correct Score

The accurate score bet is perhaps one of the trickiest to place because it requires you to predict the outcome of the next game’s score. Since there aren’t many chances to get it correctly, if you do, you’ll probably be rewarded handsomely.

Goal Scorer

Here, the goal is simple, the player in the game you’re betting on who you think will score the most goals. In the event that you succeed, you will be suitably rewarded. Of course, an attacker’s chances of scoring are always more significant than a defender’s, let alone a goalkeeper’s, but you can always take a chance by selecting a player who doesn’t score frequently.

Handicap (Spread Betting)

Sometimes bookmakers deduct a particular number of goals from the favourite. If you back the favourite, they must win and even the score for you to be able to pass on the wager.

For example, if a team with a 2.5-goal handicap wins with a 1:0 result, you will lose the bet. Most people who use the handicap, also known as spread betting, are professional gamblers.

In conclusion, betting on soccer can be very interesting once you get the hang of it. Even though it initially appears complicated, it’s actually quite simple if you keep to the fundamental principles. If you choose to become a professional, you will need to research a variety of other betting marketplaces before placing a bet.