How to find the best niche games in app stores or game sites

While it’s always a good policy to make sure you thoroughly understand an app or browser game before playing it(especially if you want to try your hand at a bit of gambling), there’s another problem facing rookie gamers.Between them, app stores and game sites (depending on whether you want to play offline or online) offer thousands of game titles. How do you find your way around this seemingly endless maze and discover what interests you the most?

Things are easier if you’ve settled on a gaming site that you’ve serendipitously found suits your tastes well. If you’ve, say, found a trustworthy and tried-and-tested NJ online casino with a great selection of games, you’re in gaming heaven.Sites like Resorts Casino, for example, began in the brick-and-mortar casino industry way back in 1978, before developing a state-of-the-art online casino with an impressive offering of cutting-edge casino games, top-drawer security, and excellent customer service.

But if you’re seeking gaming apps or browser games, you’re not so much spoiled for choice as drowning in it. There is a veritable surfeit of apps developed by Google for Android, Apple for iPhones or iOS, Samsung for Samsung devices, and so on (and so on). Faced with such a stupefying multitude of choices, what are you supposed to do?

Well, if you’re hoping to enjoy an online games night with friends any time soon, happily,some navigation tips might come in useful when it comes to finding that elusive gaming needlein the haystack of offerings out there.

When it comes to browser games, many established tech media and news media outlets provide regularly updated reviews of (and recommendations for) the hottest games coming onto the market. A quick Google search will direct you to them; if you’re after niche games, place your particular interest in the search box (e.g., “best browser slot games” or “best browser action games”).

Searching for game apps is a tadmore cumbersome, but not formidably so. App vendors place their offerings into specific categories, so to find a game that tickles your fancy, you’d simply go to “Games” (in,say, Google’s Android-specific Play Storeor Apple’s iPhone/iOS-specific App Store).

In the Play Store, game apps are listed in rows of sub-categories. The most prominent are,Recommended, Top Charts, Top Paid, and Top Free.

Top Charts is a potentially handy place to start. There you’ll find the biggest-uptake game apps, whether paid or free. And don’t skip over the “Editor’s Choice” suggestions in Play Store: these apps are professionally reviewed by people who know what to look for.

To refine your search, go to the “Categories” option within the overall game category, and scan through the list of genres until you come across something that tickles your fancy. When you do, simply click on the item to bring up a game description and customer reviews and ratings.

The reviews are more informative as a general review than the ratings. Some people will give a game a vivid and positive review but award it a single star; frankly, their words are more useful than their stars, so take the latter with a grain of salt.

Once you’ve done your research, simply download and enjoy.