Choosing Between Online or Live Poker

With restrictions in most places, the opportunity to play live poker is there again. But choosing between the two can be tricky. When you work all week and only have one night to play, you want to ensure you maximise your enjoyment and also your potential earnings. That’s why in this article we’re going to offer some help by highlighting some pros and cons of both poker settings.

Online poker is tough

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing micro, low or mid stakes games online. They are almost always going to be harder than their live poker equivalents. The online games are tougher due to the fact that there’s more tools available to players now than there used to be.

Secondly, the dollar goes farther in many parts of the world. So, you get players who can grind the micro stakes and make a living from it. Many of them adopt a poker nit style and generate a win rate, add to this their rake-back deals and they are very happy.

Online poker is convenient

Arguably the best thing about online poker is the convenience. You can play from pretty much anywhere any device. We’re no longer restricted to places with good WIFI and can play on desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet with no issues at all. Being able to play from practically anywhere is an appealing part of the online poker world. We’re living in a world where we want everything quick and easy and the major online poker sites are certainly providing this with their mix of games and availability on all popular devices.

Live poker is better with friends

Beating strangers is ok but is there anything better than bluffing out a buddy? Most poker player will attest to the fact that home games are probably some of their most enjoyable times in poker. You get to play a format you want, with snacks and drinks in the company of those you like. Most online poker chat sections are silence these days and casino poker is usually strangers chatting about random stuff.

Home games on the other hand are a great opportunity to combine a fun night with mates with the best form of gambling around. If you’re considering setting up a poker night, make sure you do some research and get some tips for a poker night first.

Live games can be boring

Live poker isn’t perfect by any means. Whilst the social aspect and the softness of games can make live games pleasurable, the pace can be a drag. Anyone who is accustomed to playing lots of tables online may well get bored playing live poker. You are restricted to playing one table and will be lucky to get more than 30 hands an hour. This feels even worse if you’ve driven far to a casino and find yourself card-dead.

Image Source: Unsplash