Poker Table

How Do You Choose the Right Fabric for Your Poker Table?

The poker table on which you play the game is important. It must provide a level surface for cards and chips. It should be comfortable for players and allow cards to glide across the table. This is why choosing the right fabric for the table is important.


The fabric should be able to withstand the wear and tear of consistent use. A soft, plush material will soak up any spills and tends to stain. Felt is a classic choice of fabric for a poker table. This is not your regular felt which can start to make little balls all over the table. The felt for a poker table is usually made out of synthetic material rather than natural fibers. It is durable, resistant to spills, and helps to pad the table. It makes it comfortable for players to lean their elbows on it. A good quality, durable fabric makes a poker table look more professional.

When playing online games like video poker, there is no need to worry about tables or fabrics. In this form of poker, you play against the machine and not against other players.

Color and design

The overall appearance of the table can have an influence on the game. The color of the fabric on a poker table is usually green. Green is easy on the eye. You can choose fabrics in many different shades of green. They may also be suited or unsuited with diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades in a pattern on a solid green.

To be an effective poker player you need to be able to concentrate. The color of the fabric may affect your concentration. It can be a strain to keep looking at a bright color like yellow for a long period of time. Other colors like dark blue and black are less distracting. A fabric may be sold with extra padding or without.

Ease of use and cleaning

When you’re partying with friends and playing poker, you don’t want to have to worry too much about the fabric on the table. Any spilled drinks on a polyester speed cloth are easy to clean. It’s also a fabric that offers ease of use. A speed cloth made from polyester allows cards to glide easily across the table. Players sitting at the rounded ends of a large oval table will appreciate this.